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Mental Health Safety: Yours Mine and Ours (1 day)

Course Description:

Mental Health Safety: Yours Mine and Ours is an engaging training program that helps expand participants' compassion and empathy for people living with mental health challenges and understanding the critical role they play in a person's and family’s journey towards recovery. Participants will also learn how to improve crisis response, strengthen communication skills, and practice stress management techniques. This training will include perspectives and insights from clinicians, peers, law enforcement professionals and more.

Course Learning Objectives:

Suicide Assessment and Prevention 
Mobile Crisis Teams: Understanding a Valuable Resource 
Understanding the Autism Spectrum 
Making Connections: Crisis Communication 
In Our Own Voice: Personal Stories of People Living with Mental Health Challenges 
Compassion Begins with Us: A Parent's Perspective 
Mindfulness: A Tactical Survival Skill

Target Audience: General-Open to all programs!

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