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Understanding the IEP (Individualized Education Plan)

Course Description:

Special education planning and programming is centered and organized around the development of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) document. The IEP is a complicated, lengthy and comprehensive plan dictating everything regarding a studentís special education plan. Connecticut Legal Services attorneys will provide participants with a training providing an overview of IEPís. Specifically, participants will know the requirements around filling out the IEP document, including, but not limited to, appropriate documentation of what happened at planning and placement team meetings, writing goals and objectives, progress monitoring, and requirements around transition and exit plans. Participants will also understand the legal mandates involving which parts of the IEP are required to be filled out, notice to parents, and parent rights to object to or modify the plan.

Course Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn how to read the IEP document page by page, understand each section and the legal terms of art in the document, and know who is responsible for writing, planning, and modifying the document. Participants will learn school district obligations and parent rights involving the IEP document.

Target Audience: General-This class is intended for any staff person providing Educational Advocacy to JB-CSSD clients, but priority is given to LYNC Program Educational Advocates and MST Therapists.

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