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LSI-r/ASUS Interpretation and Client Feedback Refresher (1/2 day) Pre-Req: LSI/ASUS-r 3 day 

Pre-Requisite: LSI/ASUS-r (3-day)
Required Materials: LSI Scoring Guide. 

Participants will be able to interpret the results of the LSI and ASUS. The goal is to be able to provide accurate and client specific feedback to increase motivation toward pro-social change.

Course Description:

This half day class is a review of the 3 day LSI ASUS training. It is intended to reinforce and review the concepts and practical application of the two assessments and their interpretation for use in the field. It consists of a review of the scoring criteria of the 54 LSI items, a review of the interpretation of the scores on the ASUS scales and the use of the assessments in providing feedback and creating a case plan.

Course Learning Objectives:

Participants will:
1. reinforce and ensure proper scoring decisions on the 54 items in the LSI
2. reinforce and ensure correct interpretation of the ASUS scales and their use in providing feedback and creating a case plan with the client

Pre-Requisite: LSI/ASUS-r (3-day) May pair LSI-r/ASUS Refresher with 1/2 day MI AIC Refresher for a full day training although registrations are separate! For staff in year one of employment. Target Audience: AIC Case Managers

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