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Strength-Based Intervention for Forensic Clients 

Course Description:

This 1-day training course is focused on developing skills for approaching justice-involved clients with a greater concern for their strengths and competencies. The basic premise of strength-based practice, as well as various influences that shape current strength-based programs, will be reviewed. Practitioners will become familiar with the important distinction between avoidance goals and approach goals. Through a series of structured learning activities, practitioners will learn how to elicit, recognize, and discuss strengths with their clients. Most importantly, practitioners will practice, with case examples, ways to practically incorporate client strengths into supervision and case management in a way that reduces the overall criminogenic risk profile.

Course Learning Objectives:

Participants will:
1. develop a basic level of proficiency in strength-based practice so that the model can be utilized with justice-involved clients
2. understand the basic premise and influences that shape current strength-based strategies.
3. recognize the distinction between avoidance goals and approach goals
4. be able to conceptualize client strengths as part of an overall case management, supervision, and programming plan.
5. practice eliciting, identifying, and having meaningful discussions with clients about their strengths and competencies
6. be able to integrate a strength-based approach with other evidence-based forensic practices
7. become skilled at utilizing client strengths in ways that offset criminogenic risk 

Strength-Based Intervention for Forensic Clients (2122a)
Sessions: 1
Dates & Times: 
Mo, 8/9/2021
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location:  Virtual Online Training
Instructor: Judy McCusker, MA
14 Seats Available

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