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Integrity in the Workplace

This training is being offered by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC). 

This course discusses various aspects of corporate ethics, including fraud and abuse associated with financial, safety, health, environmental, and other workplace issues, and the regulatory agencies, laws, and regulations that govern them. The course also discusses how both employers and employees can improve integrity and promote an ethical workplace culture. For employees, it is important to understand how to blow the whistle objectively, and also to understand the general protections afforded to whistleblowers by law, which protect them from retaliation by their employers. For employers, this means implementing policies and practices that promote openness and transparency in the workplace, encouraging employees to report their concerns internally, and rewarding employees and managers for strict compliance with laws and regulations.

Duration: 1 hour

Integrity in the Workplace (2021a)
Sessions: 1
Dates & Times:  N/A
Location:  Online

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