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LSI/ASUS-r "Overview" (Frameworks & Motivational Interviewing recommended prior to taking this course)

Recommended Pre-Requisite: Frameworks & Motivational Interviewing
Required Materials: A referral packet with all identifiable client information crossed out.

Course Description:

This one day course reviews two risk assessments currently used in CSSD. It briefly reviews the theories that support use of risk assessments in the criminal justice system and their demonstrated benefits. It explores in some detail the Level of Service Inventory Revised Risk Assessment and the Adult Substance Use Survey Revised, how they are administered, scored and their results are produced and interpreted.

Course Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will obtain a better knowledge of the two risk assessments used in CSSD and how their results can be utilized to help to reduce the risk of recidivism with their clients by getting a more comprehensive knowledge of their clients based upon the results of these two assessments.

Target Audience: General-open to all adult programs

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