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Adolescent Development

Course Description:

This course will train participants to implement with good adherence and competence evidence-based strategies for responding to adolescent offenders by taking into account developmental science. The goals of this training are to ultimately improve offenders’ prosocial behavior and to reduce recidivism. Specifically, the following areas of adolescent developmental will be described with case-based examples: 1) brain development, 2) cognitive development, 3) emotional development and 4) psychosocial development, including personality. Additionally, strategies for responding to problems related to each of the areas of development will be modeled and practiced during role-/and real-plays, followed by feedback, reinforcement, and coaching: (e.g., assessment, referral, management of developmental milestones/disruptions, discussing developmental issues with juveniles and their caregivers and treaters, incorporating developmental issues into the Case Plan).

This course will also address (when applicable) the skills of relationship-building, general cognitive-behavioral techniques, motivational interviewing strategies, cultural competence, and having a gender-responsive, trauma-informed, and strengths- based approach.

Course Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will demonstrate both cognitive and behavioral competence by recalling, comprehending, applying, and displaying the following knowledge and skills:

1) brain development

2) cognitive development

3) emotional development

4) psychosocial development, including personality

5) incorporating developmental issues into the Case Plan

Target Audience: General-open to all programs.

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