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Reasoning and Rehabilitation (R & R) Refresher (AIC Staff Only) Pre-Req: 5-day R & R

Prerequisite: 5 day R & R. Required Materials: R & R Curriculum. 

Course Description:

The R & R refreshers are designed to enhance the skills of participants who are already trained in the R&R curriculum.  The refresher course will focus on enhancing curriculum integrity through the use of video recordings.

Course Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

1. Enhance understanding of the CBT based areas of group such as review, homework, activities and role-play
2. Increase understanding of the structure of a TAD group
3. Sharpen group facilitation by going over activities and practicing skills
4. Become more familiar with the session content
5. Deepen understanding of the use of MI around resistance though the use of OARS

Target Audience: AIC Staff only Required: IS staff will attend two of these their first year after they have gone through the initial training.

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