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Supervised Diversionary Program (SDP)-ABHS staff only

The training is designed to introduce providers to the Supervised Diversionary  Program and the Statutory requirements needed to conduct and submit the final assessment report to the Courts.

I.      Definitions

A.   Adult behavioral health services clinical staff means the persons responsible to conduct an assessment of an applicant for the supervised diversionary program to determine if such person meets clinical eligibility criteria.

  1. Supervised Diversionary Program means the pretrial diversionary program for persons with a psychiatric disability or  for veterans with a mental health condition that is amenable to treatment.

II.    Course Description

A.   Instructor: Thomas J. Canny. Mr. Canny is responsible for administrative oversight of the supervised diversionary program (SDP) for the Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division.

A.  Goal: To prepare adult behavioral health services clinical staff to conduct supervised diversionary program (SDP) eligibility assessments.

  1. Length: 2 hours.
  1. Method: PowerPoint presentation with handouts.
  1. Content: The training reviews the statutory eligibility for the SDP; the assessment process, including the elements of eligibility, consultation with outside agencies, and, if eligible, treatment plan format; information about the supervision of clients accepted into the program; and program outcomes.

Target Audience: ABHS program staff only.

Supervised Diversionary Program (SDP)-ABHS staff only (2122a)
Sessions: 1
Dates & Times: 
Fr, 9/17/2021
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location:  Virtual Online Training
Instructor: Thomas J. Canny
13 Seats Available

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