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Employment Services Group (ESG 3-day) (AIC Staff only) Pre-Req: Group Facilitation

Required Pre-Requisite: Group Facilitation
Required Materials: Employment Services Curriculum. Students must bring an Employment Services Curriculum (at least one complete up-to-date manual per program location must be brought to the training). The most recent version of the Curriculum is also located on CDCS.  If students arrive without the curriculum, they will be asked to leave and reschedule.

Course Description:
Employment is a top 8 criminogenic need as identified on the Level of Service Inventory.  Full time employment structures a client's time in a pro-social setting, increases economic self-sufficiency, assists in making other life changes, and shapes good behavior.  The Employment Services Curriculum focuses on the "Hard Skills" that help clients gain employment as well as the "Soft Skills" that help them keep the job.  Topics include communication skills, being proactive, conflict resolution, teamwork, employer expectations, personal growth, job search techniques, completing applications, and interviewing.

Course Learning Objectives:
Participants will:
1. Understand the framework of the Employment Services curriculum
2. Develop an understanding of the structure of the Employment Services sessions.
3. Sharpen group facilitation skills by running practice sessions and becoming more familiar with session content. 

Target Audience: AIC Program Staff only.

Employment Services Group (ESG 3-day) (AIC Staff only) Pre-Req: Group Facilitation (2122a)
Sessions: 3
Dates & Times: 
Mo, 9/20/2021
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
We, 9/22/2021
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Fr, 9/24/2021
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location:  Virtual Online Training
Instructor: Lindsay Pelletier
10 Seats Available

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